Industry Solutions
Aug 03, 2022
Double face grinder grinding for powder metallurgy gear
Moresuperhard has concluded a mature solution for our customers for the high precision grinding of the end face of powder metallurgy gears.
Diamond grinding belts
Aug 03, 2022
Questions and Answers of Diamond Sand Belts
Recently, a lot of customers have inquired about our diamond sand belt. Let's take a look at the problems and test how much you know about the diamond sand belt.
Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels and Corundum Grinding Wheels
Aug 03, 2022
Brief Analysis of Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels and Corundum Grinding Wheels
Grinding wheels are composed of several parts, the most important component of which is the type of abrasive. The main abrasives are corundum, silicon carbide, diamond and cubic boron nitride. The abrasives are used to determine whether the specific abrasive is suitable for your workpiece and whether it is the most suitable for the workpiece, such as the grinding ability and processing adaptability of the workpiece material and the physical and chemical properties of the workpiece material.
diamond polishing paste
Aug 03, 2022
The details that you must know about the diamond polishing paste
Diamond polishing paste is a paste-like abrasive, which is a soft abrasive made by combining micronized abrasives with paste-like binders, also known as loose abrasives. Diamond polishing paste is more conducive to the uniform dispersion of abrasives in it, reducing the scratch to the abrasive workpiece.
conventional abrasive griding products
Jul 26, 2022
Do you know the difference between white corundum, chrome corundum and brown corundum?
White corundum, chrome corundum and brown corundum all belong to the same artificial corundum, and people often ask, what is the difference between them?
dicing blades
Jul 19, 2022
Key factors affecting cutting quality in dicing and slicing process
Dicing Saw is a slicing machine with strong grinding as the slicing mechanism and aerostatic motorized spindle as the executing element.
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