Customers Case: Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels for Grinding Crankshaft

Vitrified Bond CBN wheels for grinding crankshaft

1. The detailed informations of Grinder:
Landis LT2He

The Landis LT2He is designed to grind concentric and non-concentric components up to 3,000mm long, with the reliability and precision you would expect from a Landis machine.

This machine includes wear-free hydrostatic X-axis and Z-axis slideways for maximum stiffness, repeatability and vibration dampening.

                                    Landis LT2He

2. Workpiece: Crankshaft
Material: QT600
Hardness:HRC 62-65
Surface require: Ra0.4
Grinding allowance: 1mm.

3. Grinding wheel: Vitrified bond CBN wheel

                             Crankshaft diamond grinding wheels

Size: D675*T32*X6
Grit: 80/100
Speed of wheel: 80m/s.
Feed of wheel: (1)0.75mm
Dressing cycle: 120-200 pieces/dressing According to crankshaft size.

Moresueperhard Vitrified Bond CBN wheels for grinding crankshaft:

crankshaft grinding wheelcrankshaft grinding wheel

Vitrified CBN grinding wheel are remarkable for preventing grinding burns to the shoulder of the Crankshaft. CBN Grinding Wheel For Crankshaft can equip with various high precision CNC Crankshaft Grinding Machines, Suitable for high efficient,heavy grinding of Crankshaft pin grinding,Journal grinding.The wheel speed is generally 80m/s-120m/s.
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