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cbn centerless grinding wheels
dressing grinding wheel4
conventional grinding wheels
cbn centerless grinding wheels
dressing grinding wheel4
conventional grinding wheels

Diamond Grinding Wheels for DANOBAT Centerless Grinding Machines

Moresuperhard provides qualified services For DANOBAT's Precision Grinding Machines. 
Centerless grinding models:ESTARTA-175 / ESTARTA-250ESTARTA-400 / ESTARTA-650

► Resind diamond/CBN grinding wheels
► Conventional grinding wheels
► Diamond  dressing wheels


Diamond Grinding Wheels for DANOBAT Grinders

Moresuperhard's Qualified Grinding Solutions for DANOBAT Centerless Grinding Machines:

Conventional centerless grinding wheels / Superabrasive diamond & cbn wheels Centreless (centerless) grinding can perform excellent roundness of the work piece.The workpiece is supported by a work rest blade and set between a rubber regulating wheel that rotates the workpiece and a rotating grinding wheel.

Resin Bond Centerless Diamond Grinding Wheels:

► Application: grinding carbide, ceramic, magnetic materials, stainless steel bar, PCD & PCBN compositives
► Model: 1A1 , 6A1, 9A1
► Bonded Type: Resin bond, Metal bond

          enterless diamond grinding wheelcenterless diamond grinding wheel


White Corundum Dressing Wheel:

Cup wheel for dressing vitrified bond diamond wheel ( Coborn RG9 PCD grinding machine)

Customized PCD & CBN & CVD cutting, grinding, sharpening, brazing, regrind and retipped solution and service


Diamond Dressing Tools, Diamond Stationary Dressers


Diamond Dressers are made with natural diamond and synthetic materials. For truing and dressing of conventional abrasive grinding wheels.
Application: large OD wheels, surface and centerless grinding wheels. It is used for auto parts, mould industry and other precision machinery parts industry

► Single point diamond dressers

► Multi point diamond dressers

► Forming diamond dressers

► Impregnated diamond dressers

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