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ceramic knife grinding
Sep 23, 2021
How to grind ceramic knife ?
Ceramic knife, Ceramic knife) is started using a new type of kitchen utensils and appliances in recent years, high purity superfine zirconia powder is used as raw material, under the condition of the high temperature of one thousand degrees, the spray granulation, isostatic pressing molding, precision machining and other process manufacturing, and has high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, high wear resistance, high toughness and other characteristics, Beautiful and exquisite in appearance, with sharp edge, it is a real knife that never wears and never corrodes. The sharpness of the blade is more than ten times that of the steel knife. This kind of knife is the product of modern science and technology, and has the superiority that the metal knife can't match before.
engineering ceramics grinding
Sep 18, 2021
How to choose grinding parameters when grinding engineering ceramics
Due to the influence of the performance of engineering ceramics, there are the following characteristics in the grinding process:

(1) The grinding wheel wear is large and the grinding ratio is small. The removal mechanism of engineering ceramics is brittle failure, which is different from that of grinding metals. Metal materials are removed by plastic deformation to produce continuous chips. Engineering ceramics are removed by brittle cracking and producing fine powdery chips. The pulverized chips can easily remove the bond from the grinding wheel, causing the diamond particles to fall off and speeding up the grinding wheel wear. The greater the fracture toughness of the grinding ceramic material, the greater the grinding force and the more serious the grinding wheel wear. This not only results in lower grinding efficiency, but also a smaller grinding ratio. The grinding ratio of ceramic grinding with diamond wheel is 1/30 of that of glass grinding.

(2) The grinding force is large and the grinding efficiency is low. When grinding ceramic materials, the ratio of tangential grinding force Fc to radial grinding force Ep is much smaller than that of steel (Fc/FP-0.3 ~ 0.5), generally Fc/Fp <0.1. Because the hardness of ceramic material is very high (HVl500 ~ 2800), the radial grinding force Fp when grinding it is large, acting on the grinding wheel
The force on the shaft is large, and the elastic deformation of the shaft increases accordingly, which is easy to produce vibration and affect the grinding of the workpiece surface
Quality, reduce grinding effect.
camshaft grinding
Sep 17, 2021
CBN grinding wheel can improve the finishing level of automobile crankshaft
CBN grinding wheel is suitable for high-speed, ultra-high-speed grinding, and grinding sharp, small unit wear, grinding steel wear ratio can reach 4000-10000, equivalent to the ordinary high-speed grinding wheel 150-200 times, so the grinding efficiency is very high.

CBN grinding wheel has such advantages that it can not only improve the finishing level of key parts, but also improve product quality and production efficiency.
Double Disc Grinding
Sep 15, 2021
Double Disc Grinding of Powder Metallurgy Auto Parts
At present, the pillar industry of powder metallurgy is automobile industry. As powder metallurgy technology is a kind of material saving, energy saving, less investment, no pollution of metal forming process, has long received the attention of the automotive industry, Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda and so on have opened the powder metallurgy business divisions.
Formnext + PM South China 2021
Sep 14, 2021
Moresuperhard moveforward to CIOE 2021
Exhibition Center from September 9 to 11. Moresuperhard has sent two representatives to Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in the exhibition and exchange learning.

The theme of the exhibition focuses on advanced materials and innovative forming processes of injection molding and additive manufacturing, sharing cutting-edge MIM and AM technology application cases, and introducing 3D printing materials, processing technology and business opportunities of the industry in the 5G era. Forum to explore the research progress of high-performance ceramic substrate powder materials, the latest development of ceramic substrate preparation technology, the key bottlenecks of ceramic substrate and copper clad plate, the development of ceramic substrate application fields and packaging technology, the development of new opportunities for the development of ceramic substrate in the 5G era.
diamond grinding wheel for PCD tools grinding.jpg
Sep 04, 2021
Analysis of the cause of cutter back-off in grinding PCD tool arc
The cause of cutter back-off in grinding PCD tool arc with diamond grinding wheel:
(1)The grinding wheel is not sharp enough to reach the set grinding amount.
(2)Use a finer-grained grinding wheel, such as 1500#.
(3)Re-set the grinding parameters. Different parameters should be used when grinding the inserts back and arc.

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