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Gear Profile Grinding Solution

Grinding removes surface imperfections, increasing the surface contact area while improving the accuracy of the tooth profile, resulting in a higher quality gear
The two most common methods for gear grinding are form grinding and generating grinding

1. Form grinding is performed by shaping the profile of the grinding wheel to that of the finished product. The resulting product takes the exact shape of the grinding wheel
2. Generating grinding uses a flat grinding wheel, which mimics the action of the cutting tool to remove material in the same manner as the roughing tool
► Continuous generating Worm Gear Grinding Wheels
The worm grinding wheel is used for worm gear surface
worm gear grinding wheels(
► SG Wheels for Gear Generating Grinding
5-10 Times than the grinding wheel made of common corundum
SG grinding wheels
► Electroplated CBN Wheels for Gear Grinding Form Grinding
CBN wheel is suitable for high precision formed wheels
electroplated cbn grinding wheel for gear grinding
► Dressing Solutions for Gear Grinding
Diamond roll is used for dressing conventional wheels
rotary dresser for gear grinding
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