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vitrified diamond grinding wheels
vitrified cbn internal wheel
vitrified CBN grinding wheels
vitrified diamond grinding wheels
vitrified cbn internal wheel
vitrified CBN grinding wheels

Diamond Grinding Wheels for Unitied Grinding Group

Moresuperhard provides qualified diamond grinding wheels for United Grinding Group

For Tool grinding machine models, surface and profile grinding models and surface and profile grinding models

►Vitrified dimond/CBN grinidng wheels
► Resind diamond/CBN grinding wheels
► Metal diamond/CBN grinding wheels
► Electroplatd diamond/CBN grinding wheels
► Conventional grinding wheels
► Diamond  dressing wheels


Moresuperhard Grinding wheels for Unitied Grinding Group

Diamond CBN Grinding Wheel for Walter CNC Five-axis Machines:

Diamond Grinding Wheel for CNC ToolsDiamond Grinding Wheel for CNC ToolsDiamond Grinding Wheel for CNC Tools

► Application: grinding carbide and HSS. (such as drill, end mill, reamer)
► A complete solution for CNC tools manufacturing: fluting, gashing and Clear edge, relief angle grinding, OD grinding
► Model: 1A1, 1V1, 11V9, 12V9, 14A1, 12V5, etc  (or full customed )


Vitrified Diamond Wheels Application Case of EWAG Compact Line:     

The COMPACT LINE CNC insert grinding machine is equipped with 6-axes. It can be used for the production of indexable inserts such as cutters, milling tools, turning tools and forming inserts. This model supports a wide range of clamping systems and can be retrofitted via a plug-and-play interface, offering full freedom in your tool, order and lot selection. Thanks to the minimal setup time, even very small batches can be produced economically.

Vitrified bond diamond wheel for PCD peripheral grindingVitrified bond diamond wheel for PCD peripheral grinding

Processing Details:

Wheel size : 11A2-Ø200-W10-X10-H40 
Wheel grit: D16 C125
Wheel speed :12M/S~30M/S
Machine: EWAG Compact line
Press:feed on pressure at 130-140 Nm
Workpiece: PCD inserts
Work life: 0.07mm/plate

Application Of Vitrified Peripheral Diamond Grinding Wheels

Mainly used for precise edge grinding of indexable inserts (such as tungsten carbide inserts, ceramic inserts, CBN inserts).

Materials of workpiece: tungsten carbide, ceramics, metal ceramic  PCD/ PCBN inserts, etc. 

Model: 6A2T, 6A2M, 11A2B, 12A2T (or full customed )

Unitied Grinding Group Surface and Profile Grinding Machine

UNITED GRINDING Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of grinding, eroding, laser, and measuring machines as well as machine tools for additive manufacturing. With roughly 2.500 employees at more than 20 manufacturing, service, and sales locations, the Group is organized in a customer-oriented and efficient way.

Through its MÄGERLEBLOHMJUNGSTUDERSCHAUDT, MIKROSAWALTEREWAG, and IRPD brands, as well as competence centers in America and Asia, UNITED GRINDING offers broad application expertise, a large product portfolio, and a full range of services for the production of high-precision components.

                             BLOHM JUNG PROFIMAT XT Flat Forming Mill

Applications BLOHM and JUNG :


Applications of  MAGERLE:

Turbine blade body, blade industry, various turbine industries, automobile industry, hydraulic industry, machine manufacturing tool industry bearing and guide rail, machine manufacturing tool industry tool, corrugated paper processing roller, tooth plate, Hirth and Curvic coupling, cylinder collet, cycloid gear, rotor and stator, thruster, control rack, arc arm, piston and pinion.

Surface and profile grinding machine can process lead screw tools, clutch flange tools, racks, shift steering racks, rocker tools:

                        lead screw toolsclutch flange tools

                                            racks shift steering racks

Applications and Specifications of Diamond Grinding Wheels

Application Case:

Vitrified Bond CBN internal grinding wheel for studer 141

                                       Vitrified Bond CBN internal grinding wheel for studer 141
Products Details Size:1A1-41-20-H16
Workpiece Details For steel hardened to 60 HRC
Diameter: 130mm
Length: 20mm
Processing Details Speed:90000~120000/min
Cooling: emulsion
Surface finish: Ra 0.20

For Spindle grinding
• High-speed motorized spindle
• Dynamic pressure spindle
• Hydrostatic spindle
• Air bearing spindle

                                 Spindle grinding
Machine: S40
with wheelhead left/right
Machining procedure: Complete grinding of all diameters, shoulders, tapers, and incl.3 threads
Warkpiece Main spindle
Material SCM 415
Hardness 58-63 HRc
Roundness <0.5μm
Surface Ra0.2μm
Cylindricity 0.001-0.002mm

High precision profile grinding
• High precision roller finishing and forming
• High precision profile grinding
• Efficient cutting grinding
• High efficiency plunging

                                     High precision profile grinding

Spherical grinding
•Internal grinding of the sphere
•ID- and OD grinding of diameter and cone

                                            Spherical grinding


•Beverage bottle
•Optical lens


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