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double disc grinding wheel
double disc grinding wheel
double disc grinding wheel
double disc grinding wheel
double disc grinding wheel
double disc grinding wheel

Double Disc Grinding Wheels

► Application: carbide, tungsten steel, ceramic , optical glass, sapphire glass, high speed steel, bearing steel, tool steel, stainless steel and cast iron, etc

► Bond: vitrified bond & resin bond 

► Diameter: 300- 1500mm

► Provide matching dressing grinding wheel

►Diamond & cbn shapes: cylindrical, hexagonal, square, segmented

► Grinding machines: Wendt WBM, Viotoo, AMT, Stahli, Peter Wolters, Diskus, Agathon T&B, Fujisanki, Supfina, Melchiorre, Koyo, Lam Plan, Speedfam, Kemet, Gardner and other brands.



Double Disc Diamond & CBN Wheel End Surface

Provided a full range of double disc lapping service and solution
----- Double disc diamond & cbn wheels
----- Dressing stones

More SuperHard company offers a full line of diamond and CBN grinding wheels and dressing stones for fine grinding machines and single and double side lapping systems. Our vitrified diamond and CBN grinding discs have high grinding efficiency, high wear resistance and abrasive consumption, good surface quality and flatness of the workpiece.

double disc grinding wheel dressing double disc grinding wheel

Advantages of Top and Bottom Grinding Wheels
1. High grinding efficiency,Long service life and Good shape retention.
2. High strength synthetic diamond for high removal rates while excellent finish.
3. Sharp shape synthetic diamond for long dressing intervals.
4. Free cutting design for low cutting energy.
5. Better cutting edge with smaller chipping.
6. Good uniformity of size because the stable uniform structure and materials in abrasive layer.
7. High flatness, good finish, and parallemism.
8. Save your labor costs.


Applicable Areas of double discs:                                                                                                                                                                          

♦ Hydraulic pneumatic components. vane pump, conversion valve, piston pump,fuel pump, hydraulic motor parts

♦ Compressor spare parts. air conditioner compressor vane, piston, Refrigerator compressor valve plate, cylinder block (grey cast iron or nodular cast iron), sleeve (alloy cast iron), slide (high speed steel)

♦ Engine parts. automobile fuel pump parts, booster pump parts,oil pump nozzle parts

♦ High precision shaft ,seal, watch parts, molds, carbide blade, ceramic valve core,magnetic materials,etc

application of double disc grinding wheel

Various Layouts of double discs:       
Shape of resin bond grinding segment: circular, straight segment (other shapes can be customized)
Shape of the vitrified bond grinding segment: regular hexagon, sector, square ,circular, trigonometrical, hexagonal pellets (other shapes can be customized)     
 various layouts of diamond double discs

Typical Grinding machine for double disc:
Wendt WBM, Viotoo, AMT, Stahli, Peter Wolters, Diskus, Agathon T&B, Fujisanki, Supfina, Melchiorre, Koyo, Lam Plan, Speedfam, Kemet, Gardner and other brands.

Vertical CNC precision double disc grinding machine specifications are quite a number of models, the common specifications are: 2MM84100, 2MM8470, and 2MM8463. These three models are common and often purchased by users.
Double disc grinding machine is mainly used for grinding two opposite planes of the workpiece, with high processing efficiency, high dimensional accuracy and high degree of automation, and is widely used in the automotive, hydraulic, gauging, sharpening, bearing, precision ceramic and other industries with typical processed part types.

Matching dressing grinding wheel 
The dressing wheels are used for dressing diamond and CBN wheels. According to the different particle size, accuracy of the diamond and CBN grinding disc to choose the dressing wheel, making dressing easier and more time saving.
dressing grinding wheel  dressing grinding wheel

The specification of double disc diamond & cbn wheel

1A2T 1A2T       
D: 300mm - 1500mm
W(Abrasive layer width): 40mm - 350mm
X( Abrasive layer height): 3mm -10mm
Flatness:<=2μm, parallelism:<=2μm, Roughness: Ra0.02μm-Ra0.2μm
Durability: grinding HSS slide (25mm*25mm), the number of workpiece >= 1million
grinding carbide blade, the number of workpiece >= 1million

Case 1 Connecting Rod Surface Grinding
  Connecting Rod Surface Grinding

Workpiece material nodular cast iron (45#, 40Cr, 40CrMo)
Hardness 210-280HB
grinding tolerance Rough : 0.4 - 0.5
Fine: 0.2 - 0.4
surface finish Ra 0.8
Size of grinding wheel 915* 85 * 304.8
Grinding wheel speed 35m/s
No burns or burrs

Case 2 Diamond Double-Disc Fine Grinding wheel for carbide seals

 Daimond Double-Disc Fine Grinding wheel for carbide seals
Application Double-Disc Fine Grinding
Wheel sizes Diamond 2A2T Ø720-30T-5X-320ID
Machine Peter Wolters
Coolant Oil
Wheel speed 120rpm
Work-piece speed 30rpm
Work-piece Seals
Material Carbide
Hardness 70HRC
Stock removal 0,1mm total
Cut rate 70µm/min
Roughness achieved 0,20 µm Ra
Flatness achieved 0,001mm
Parallelism achieved 0,001mm
Grit of diamond wheel 400 #
Cycle time 2,30 minutes

Case 3 Double disc grinding wheel for Air conditioning compressor baffle

Air conditioning compressor partition drawings and work pieces         Double disc grinding wheel for Air conditioning compressor baffle 

Grinding Results
Customer Compressor enterprise
Workpiece Air conditioning compressor baffle
Hardness of workpiece HRC45-50
Diameter 90mm
Grinding allowance 0.1mm
Thickness 10mm
Parallelism 0.005mm
Flatness 0.004mm
Roughness Ra0.2
Beat 10.5s
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