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CBN internal grinding wheel
CBN internal grinding wheel
CBN internal grinding wheel
CBN internal grinding wheel
CBN internal grinding wheel
CBN internal grinding wheel

CBN Internal Grinding Wheel

► Application: inner grinding of bearing, compressor, CVJ ball-cage, hydraulic tappets, universal joint, stator and rotor .

► Body type: ID Wheel with Shank, ID Wheel without Shank

► Model type: 1A8, 1A1W, 1A1, DWA

► We can offer: abrasive internal grinding wheel (PA, SG), CBN internal grinding wheel, Diamond internal grinding wheel


Applications of internal grinding wheel

What is the ceramic CBN internal grinding wheel?

Ceramic CBN internal grinding wheels are made of cubic boron nitride abrasives and sintered with metal powder, resin powder and ceramic as a bonding agent to form various shapes of abrasives for industrial grinding, polishing and lapping. This kind of ceramic internal grinding wheel maintains the original high hardness performance of ceramic grinding wheel, low sintering temperature, high strength and toughness, good abrasive holding performance, and has the characteristics of heat resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good self-sharpening, dressable and long dressing interval. Uniform porosity for easy cooling, chip removal, etc. It does not block or burn the workpiece in the grinding process, does not cause chemical changes with the Iron group elements, shows its inertia, reduces the fatigue of the workpiece in the grinding process (ID/OD grinding), increases the service life of the workpiece, thus improving the quality, roughness and efficiency of the processed workpiece as well as the automation of the processed workpiece, and achieving the purpose of reducing the comprehensive cost.

What are ceramic internal grinding wheels used for?
Grinding of Con-rods ends in the Auto Industry .
Grinding of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders .
CVJ ball-cage, inner and outer raceway .
Hydraulic tappet of automobile motor .
Grinding of Bores of Inner Rings .
Grinding of Gears Bores, Collects.
Pump stator of automobile,Grinding of Gun Barrels .
Roller, cylinder, flange cover of air-condition compressor.
Grinding of Inner and outer faces of Ball & Roller Bearings.
Body type : ID wheel with shank, ID wheel without shank

► CVJ Ball Cage Grinding Of Vit CBN Grinding Whee
cbn internal grinding wheel CVJ ball internal grinding

► Bear inner rings, or bore internal grinding
internal grinding wheels

► Stamping die, cbn internal grinding wheel with shank
cbn internal grinding wheel stamping die internal grinding

► BD3 alloy tool steel. cbn internal grinding wheel with shank
cbn internal grinding wheel /tool steel internal grinding

► Hydraulic Industry. 1A1W Vit CBN Internal Grinding Wheel
cbn internal grinding wheel hydraulic valve internal grinding

► Steel grinding. Vit cbn grinding wheel without shank
internal grinding cbn wheel steel internal grinding

Specifications of Internal Grinding Wheel

Details Size                
1A8 D * T * H (mm)
D 4mm - 45mm
H 1.5mm - 30mm
T 5mm - 50mm
1A1W D * T * H * L * M (mm)
D 7.5mm - 50mm
H 4mm - 45mm
T 15mm - 50mm
1A1 D * T * H * X (mm)
D 18mm - 50mm
H 10mm - 40mm
T 15mm - 50mm

Case 1 CVJ Ball Cage Internal Grinding
Workpiece CVJ Ball Cage
Workpiece material 20CrMnTi   HRC 58 -63
Grinding parts ball cage window
Grinding mode Internal grinding
Grinding wheel 1a1w vitrified cbn wheel
Grinding parameter Speed Vc= 30m/s
grinding tolerance 0.3mm
Dressing Rotary diamond dresser
Dressing parameter Grinding wheel Speed Vc= 30m/s
Roll dresser speed Vr=8m/s
2 * 3 μm
Dressing speed ratio Qd=+ 0.26
Grinding performance Dressing frequency
200 ball cage/dressing
(125% life improvement)
Ra < 0.8 μm

The Case of Vit internal grinding wheel for Oil pump nozzle

1. Needle body grinding

needle body grinding
Workpiece Nozzle  body
Material 18CrNi8(Low carbon alloy steel)
Hardness HRC56-60
Grinding allowance Hole:0.02mm
roughness Hole: Ra≤0.1㎛
Accuracy Hole: roundness ≤0.3㎛, straightness ≤0.5 ㎛, parallelism ≤0.5 ㎛

2. Grinding Parameter

Grinding Parameter
Vitrified bond internal grinding wheel for Oil pump nozzle
Specification 4Dx6TxM2/4.1Dx10.5TxM2/3.8Dx6TxM2
Bond Vitrified
Grit 400/500

3. Grinding Effect
Item Parameter
Speed-grinding wheel 90000RPM
Dressing interval 16 piece
Dressing allowance 0.001mm(unilateral)
Taper ≤±0.5㎛
Roundness ≤0.4㎛
Straightness ≤0.5,Roughness Ra ≤0.1
Life 2500 piece
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