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camshaft grinding - vit cbn wheel
camshaft grinding - vit cbn wheel
camshaft grinding - vit cbn wheel
camshaft grinding - vit cbn wheel
camshaft grinding - vit cbn wheel
camshaft grinding - vit cbn wheel

Camshaft Grinding - Vit Cbn Wheel

► Grinding camshaft

► Model: 1A1 Vit cbn wheel

► Suitable CNC cam Grinder: Toyoda, Schaudt, Landis, Junker etc

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Camshaft Grinding - Vitrified bonded

Vitrified bond CBN Grinding Wheel is suitable for grinding the cam lobes of automobile camshafts.The wheel speed is 80m/s-160m/s, designed to used on CNC Cam Grinders like Toyoda, Schaudt, Landis, Junker etc.

The main parts of the camshaft to grind and regrind, include
► Camshaft main journals
► Cam (fixed on shaft)
► Cams (single)
► Camshaft tube
camshaft grinding wheel

Applicable Machines Of Vit CBN Grinding Wheel For Camshaft Grinding LANDIS: LT1, LT2
► NAXOS: NAXOS-UNION, P310*1250, Gf70
► JUNKER: JUCAM5002/10, JUCAM500, JUCRANK5000,6000
► TOYODA: GCS63, GL5P-63, GL6P-100, GCH120B, GC32M-63, GCH63B, GL63M-T

camshaft grinding canshaft grinding

Cases of Camshaft Grinding

* Vit CBN Grinding Wheel for Camshaft Grinding
Model / Size D355xID152.4*T15 Vit CBN Grinding Wheel for Camshaft
Grain Size #80/100
Camshaft Grinding Machine PAlAMRY
Grinding Machine Speed 2500 r.p.m.
Workpiece Hardness HRC 55-60
Wheel speed (m/s) 50m/s
Camshaft Speed 0~30 r.p.m.
Grinding allowance 0.5mm-1mm
Cooling Liquid Oil-water mixture

* Double Ends Vit CBN Wheel for Camshaft Grinding
Model/ Size 120*15*66*(21+17) Double ends vitrified bond CBN grinding wheel
Grinding Machine Applicable Grinding Machine Toyoda (JKT)
Workpiece Workpiece Cam lobes of camshaft
Workpiece Material GCr15
Hardness of grinding layer HRC58-62
Grinding allowance Diameter: 1.2mm
Rough grinding(Φ0.99mm, speed 0.08mm/r)
Semi-finishing(Φ0.11mm, speed 0.03mm/ r)
Fine grinding (Φ0.02mm, speed 0.01mm/r)
Grinding Parameter Wheel speed (m/s) 72m/s
Roughness after grinding Ra≤0.64
Grinding time 66"
Dressing Parameter Dressing Tool Sintering diamond roller
Cooling Liquid   oil cooling
Grinding Wheel Life   grind about 8750 pieces

* Vitrified bond CBN wheel for Camshaft Journale
Grinder Junker
Camshaft Part Camshaft journale
Material JB/T6397 / EN10305-2 E355
Hardness HBS 207-302 / HV10 210min
working allowance  Diameter:0.9mm
Rough grinding:0.9mm-0.1mm
Finish grinding:0.1mm-0mm
Parameters Wheel speed 80m/s-120m/s
Roughness Ra≤0.3.2
Precision Roundness0.005
Tg 90"
Dressing Tool CNC Reverse Plated Dressers
Speed 70 m/s
Allowance 0.003*6/7

Service life 180 Camshaft journale/dressing
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